Goochland Christmas Mother Association
P.O. Box 322,  Goochland, VA 23063

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In addition to financial contributions, there are many ways individuals and businesses can help the Christmas Mother.
For more information email or call the Christmas Mother Hotline, 804-556-3411.  Leave a message with your phone number and it will be directed to the appropriate committee representative.

Adopt a family:
Families, churches, civic groups, and businesses who wish to do more can adopt a family.  Adopter groups are asked to provide a box of food including staples and ingredients for a special holiday dinner, and some gifts from a "wish list."
Committee contacts: Joann Dabney and Nancy Gottwald

Help with Applications:
Help is needed to accept applications.  This involves participating on application days by helping accept applications.
Committee Contact: Meta Potts

Shopping Day:
If you love to shop this is the perfect way to volunteer.  Shopping day is usually held on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, from 7 AM until shopping is done. Volunteers meet at Walmart in Short Pump.  Shoppers are given wish lists and information needed to help select items for individuals and families. Once your cart is full, the Christmas Mother Association will bring it to check out and pay for all items. Come whenever you are available. Shop for an hour or stay all morning!
Committee Contact: Cindie Valentine and Sue Nash

Wrapping Day:

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Once all the shopping is completed, the wrapping begins.  Wrapping will be held on the Saturday after shopping day, at the Central High School Complex on Dogtown Road from 8-around noon.  Bring your scissors; come for an hour or stay all morning. 
Committee Contact: Gloria Turner