Goochland Christmas Mother Association
P.O. Box 322,  Goochland, VA 23063

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Adopt a family:

Families, churches, civic groups, and businesses who wish to do more can adopt a family. 
For more information on adoptions email

or call the Christmas Mother Hotline, 804-556-3411. 
Leave a message with your phone number and it will be directed the adoptions committee

Understanding the Adoption Process
The need for support from the Goochland Christmas Mother program reached an all time high.  In 2017, 267 families were given a happier Christmas thanks to the work of hundreds of volunteers and support from the community. We are able to offset some of this demand by finding adoptive families such as yourself to provide an individual or family with the same items our program would provide.   
Our first goal is to match you with a family of your liking.  Each applicant/recipient who has applied to our program is carefully screened for eligibility.   From the group of recipients, we match adopters with a family of their liking.  Some may want a family with children, some prefer the elderly or a single individual.  We will do all that we can to find a match for you.  We will contact you personally to discuss your options.
Once a family has been matched we will notify the family that they have been "adopted" by a private individual, business or church.  We will send you an itemization as to what is expected of you. 
We will provide you with a "wish list"  which is a comprehensive listing of items the applicant needs or desires.  This list will include sizes/colors and toys in the case where there are children in the household.   We ask that you purchase at least one item from each family member's wish list.  However, you are free to provide the family with more if you so choose.

We then ask that you wrap and deliver directly to the family by Saturday, December 8th.  This date is especially important as this is the day we wrap up our own delivery to families within our program.